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[SOLVED] Netgear Router Error 651- Get Instant Solution Here

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Is Netgear Router Error 651 bothering you for a long time? Don’t panic as you have stumbled at the right place. Here you will get everything you need to know about the Error 651 with the best possible advice regarding the matter.
Netgear Router is quite popular among the people and has a vast user base. Netgear provides excellent features coupled with fantastic services. But it comes across some fundamental errors which inevitably interrupts the regular deeds of many users. And if you are one of them and having issues with the Netgear Router Error 651, then you don’t need to panic anymore. It has a lot of way outs.


Common Causes Behind Netgear Router Error 651

Error 651 usually occurs while using PPPoE connections. Out of the many reasons that cause this failure, here we are listing a few common ones.

  • Registry Issues
  • IP address Conflict
  • File Location Error
  • Network Error
  • Configurations Issue

The reasons mentioned above can trigger this Netgear error 651. But if you think that’s all then hold on a minute, as there are some more reasons that are included but not limited to the mentioned list. Now as you already known to some of the error, let’s talk in details to find out the effect of the matter.

Registry Error

Sometimes you may see “connection failed with error 651” on your screen. Most of the time the registry error can lead to this issue. It’s quite common to make a few mistakes or skip setting up some of the technical parts while installing. It not always comes to notice right away. Likewise, Registry errors sometimes result in error 651.
Anyway, you don’t have to worry at all. Dial our NetGear Tech Support Phone Number and talk with an expert to seek their technical guidance. They will help you with the details of the error and can explain what made the error occur. Tech experts solve thousands of technical issues each day. They can help you resolve the problem in a blink of your eye.

IP Address Conflict

This IP Adress Conflict is another probable reason for error 651. Just to inform you, all those IP address conflicts are not so easy to fix. It’s mainly a technical failure or a technical issue in the network which can cause many problems. An IP Address conflict can generate the NetGear Router error 651.
In this case, it is best to ask for expert advice. And it’s the best way to resolve the issue instantly without risking your device or any other network errors. It’s important to realize that fixing IP Address conflict is not just a cup of tea. We might solve the errors sometimes. But its always easier to go with the expert than wasting our precious time and energy on something we are not 100% sure about. It’s best if we leave it to the tech experts to do what they are best at.

File Being Saved In The Wrong Location

Location issue can also trigger the error 651. Sometimes we see that inspite of having the proper registry and the IP Address the Error 651 is still occurring. A simple mistake of misplacing the file or installing in the wrong location can lead to this error.
It’s not that easy solution as it looks. Try to move the file in the right place and perform a restart process for a better result. But if it doesn’t work and the error is still occurring then call for an expert’s help. They can guide you through the technical process to resolve the issue.
Well as I said there are several reasons which cause the error and it’s not really possible to list down and discuss each of them. And we make sure that you get the proper answer of all of your questions. Our Netgear Customer Service is always open to welcome you and help you with all your issues. For your queries dial our Netgear Customer Care Number. You can even leave us an Email or contact us through our Chat Service. We will try our best to help you in all possible way.


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Some complicated technical errors mainly cause the Netgear error 651. It’s not that we can’t fix it. But its always safe to seek expert’s guidance. Your time and energy both get saved, and it helps you in solving the error from scratch. Additionally, the probability of facing the error again decreases considerably. It’s a win for all. You can call our tech experts on Netgear Router Customer Support Number or drop your queries on mail address [email protected]. You can also join our experts on online chat portal to get instant solution.